? ALPHA House of Pinellas County Inc.
ALPHA House of Pinellas County, Inc.
701 5th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Fax: 727-821-4378
The ALPHA Story
If someone you knew was having a crisis pregnancy, what would you say?
If a pregnant teen in your neighborhood was too afraid to go home, what would you do?

ALPHA’s founder was faced with this dilemma in 1979. An idea came to life in the heart of the late Roy Deeb when he received a call from a girl “in trouble” who wanted to be a mother to her unborn child, but had no place to go.

There was no program in Pinellas to help this young, pregnant woman. Out of this need, with the help of a caring group, a small house in downtown St. Petersburg was secured and ALPHA was born.

In 1991, the facility known as the “Miracle on 5th Avenue” was built with help from the community. Since its inception, ALPHA’s residential program has given countless young women and babies the promise of a bright future.