Residential Program
The goal of the Residential Program is to move women from homelessness to self-sufficiency while promoting healthy relationships, positive parenting, a good self-image and self-empowerment.
The fulfillment of ALPHA’S mission is a mother who has the education, job skills, parenting skills, self-esteem and spiritual foundation to be self-sufficient, raise her child and contribute to the community. Residents of ALPHA House receive free therapeutic counseling, case management and life skills education along with food, housing and medical care. The program promotes each woman’s commitment to herself and to her child.

To accomplish the objectives of ALPHA, each resident receives:
Education: Residents attend high school, college or pursue a GED. Those who have completed their education are placed in internships or jobs.

Counseling: Residents receive weekly individual counseling and participate in weekly group counseling. Counseling focuses on proper self care during pregnancy, making the transition into motherhood, healthy parenting, preventing child abuse, fostering self esteem and making positive life choices. Issues related to parenting and adoption are also addressed.

Case Management: Case managers link the residents to educational programs, medical care, WIC, Food Stamps and other services to assist with the transition to self-sufficiency. Case managers monitor residents to be sure they are meeting the expectations of the ALPHA House program.

Intake Packets:
Adult Intake Packet
Child Intake Packet
Life Skills Education: Weekly group and individual programs address preparation for childbirth, parenting and life skills, child development and bonding, budgeting, stress management, housing, nutrition, substance abuse prevention and sexual health.

Peer Education Training: Residents are trained to become peer educators to teach other teens about the realities and prevention of teen pregnancy.